7 January 2021

What are the benefits of using tool foam for organisation?

Tool foam can be incredibly diverse and useful in many applications, including inside toolboxes, cabinets or trolleys. Furthermore, it presents a series of benefits that you will find very intriguing…

#1 Improve tool organisation

There’s nothing worse than not knowing exactly where your tools are. You waste valuable time searching for the tool you need for a specific task, ruining productivity. Tool foam shadow boards eliminate this issue by giving you easy access to all of your tools. You can also keep them more organised using colour coordination, so you never waste time ever again.

#2 Make your tools easier to trace

Tracing tools is essential to understand where they have been. With our custom fabricated tool foam shadow boards, you can ensure your tools are placed in the right place every time. The individual design of the shadow foam means only one tool can be placed in it. Therefore, if the shadow is empty, you know the tool is missing! It makes it a lot easier when counting stock as well – you simply open your cabinets or boxes and count the tools neatly in their foam shadows.

#3 Implement standardisation at work

Standardisation is the process of instilling standard behaviours at work. You do things that become the known way, and everyone follows suit. Using foam tool inserts helps to implement standardisation at work as you have one way of storing all of your tools. Everyone has to store their tools in the foam inserts, rather than some people storing them one way, some storing them in another, etc.

#4 Strengthen your branding

Following on from standardisation, tool foam is excellent at building a solid and consistent brand image throughout your company. If everyone is storing their tools using tool control foam, it means you have a branding opportunity on your hands. We can laser etch logos and brand names onto our tool foam, making it yours! Effectively, all around the workplace, you have branded tool organisation that looks extremely professional and keeps your branding consistent. This can be very impressive if any clients come around and see your workplace.

#5 Provide visual management aids

Another benefit of tool control foam is that it provides you with visual management aids in your workplace. Managers can easily tell people where to place tools or where to find the tools they need. Thanks to the coloured foam options, you simply need to say a colour, and your team will know where to go and where to look. #6 Increase overall productivity Ultimately, improving your tool organisation will help to increase your overall productivity. It’s all about become leaner and more agile, cutting down time spent on meaningless tasks. By using tool foam to know where everything is, you have more structure to your organisation and can get through jobs with more fluidity and few barriers. In conclusion, tool foam is highly beneficial when used to help organise your tools throughout your company. If you are looking for a design, fabrication and support service that revolves around tool organisation, feel free to contact Coplan today.

Tracing tools is essential to understand where they have been.

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